Sound is vibration, each vibration has a specific frequency. In nature everything vibrates and emits sound: atoms, molecules, DNA, cells, organs...

the body “responds” to stimuli proposed by a frequency, by resonating with it.


Cellular gymnas tic treatment through sounds and music:



It has been demonstrated and is now known that matter and the perceptible world consists of energy which “vibrates” at different frequencies, resulting in various elements which make up matter as we know it. Today, physics and medicine are objectively proving the effects of waves and frequencies on the body and mind of living beings. Science is explaining how organisms respond to frequency and music, re-conferring “scientific” value upon millennial disciplines and therapies.

Sound is vibration, each vibration has a specific frequency. In nature, everything vibrates and emits sound: atoms, molecules, DNA, cells, organs...

...everything has a characteristic vibration and can be inf luenced by means of resonance, even our brain can be stimulated into synchronisation, thus favouring psychophysical relaxation and holistic well-being.

When the body rediscover s i ts own harmonious frequencies, it rediscovers health and well-being. The body “responds” to stimul i proposed by a f requency, by resonating with it.


Frequencies which positively interact with different parts of the body (organs, muscles, bones, cells, pathologies, etc.) have been identified, as well as frequencies with which interaction is possible according to mood. The brain actually emits different frequencies according to its state, for example during sleep, relaxation-pleasure, activity, stress, etc.

Each of these brain states, or “emotive qualities” correspond to specific “sound qualities” (relaxing, reactivating, harmonising frequencies, etc.). In other words, each emotion corresponds to a specific frequency.

If the body receives the same frequencies as those emitted during a certain mood, it tends to align (sympathetic resonance), thus modifying its own function. For example: if we send relaxing waves to a stressed mind, it will tend to relax.


EUSONICA reproduces particular music, sounds and frequencies inside the entire human body, thus generating an inner dynamic sound stage and vectorial massage, resulting in unprecedented sensations and effects.
Sound, conceived in this way, transmits the frequency note to elementary particles which make up our body, by means of vibration. Our cells assume a different shape at each different frequency and by changing frequency-note we stimulate our cells to change, we encourage them to “exercise”. Therefore we can use f requency “communicate” movements to our cells that are congenial to stimulation, relaxation, energisation, etc.



Different types of results can be achieved with the use of specific sound frequencies. The most important of these is psychophysical well-being.
Music influences Chakras, energy centres of the human body, which act on a person’s organic and emotive functions. Music conceived according to these notions enables the emission of notes which have an effect on neurotransmitters, resulting in their reactivation or amplification.

Chakra Ausonica

NO STRESS treatmentNO STRESS treatment

The NO STRESS track is characterised by the same rhythm as the pace of a relaxed human being (120 bpm), rendering the experience similar to a peaceful “walk” in natural surroundings. In the musical system, the fourth chakra (of the heart) corresponds to the note D. Thanks to its major key, this track develops a musical path in which each note is a step on a green meadow.
Colour: green

RELAX treatment RELAX treatment

In order to achieve healthy RELAX and awareness of such a state, we need to find an energetic bond with something that is “profoundly” rooted within us, while also remaining connected to the “loftiness” of creative ideas. For the first chakra (located in the coccyx), the musical note of reference is F. We use the beneficial opening of the musical “fifth” which enables us to embrace natural expansion, leading us with equal naturalness to our primordial position. In this way we obtain physical and mental relaxation.
Colour: red or brown

ENERGICA treatment ENERGICA treatment

As though we were swimming in a sea of wave frequencies, the ENERGICA track enables us to perform vigorous strokes which reinvigorate the mind-body system. Similar to swimming, which involves muscles and respiration, this track is characterised by musical movements (intervals) which enable our cells to perform ample, oxygenating strokes, thus bolstering their vigour. The chakra of reference is the one located in the throat. It is associated with the note A, renowned for its energy rousing properties.
Colour: blue

Trattamento FEEL HAPPY FEEL HAPPY treatment

The musical note G is associated with the Sun in virtue of its musical qualities which express warmth, happiness and the joy of living present experiences to the full (“here and now”). Starting from G, proposed musical intervals “suggest” to our mind-body system to joyfully live and enable our cells to exercise by “jumping up and down out of joy on the spot”. The colour of the third chakra, connected to happiness, is yellow. It transforms negative experiences into positive ones. It is located in the diaphragm, just below the sternum, the place from which joyous laughter emerges.
Colour: yellow

CREATIVITY treatment CREATIVITY treatment

The CREATIVITY track generates a pleasant fluidity of thoughts, actions and the consequent flow of energies that allow the creative act. This fluidity allows the release of every tension and the undoing of every knot, giving the pleasure you feel during a creative act. The reference chakra is the second, positioned at the height of the genitals; the associated note is the C. With the CREATIVITY track we tune our psycho-emotional system with the creativity that transforms everything, with the pleasant change that regenerates, merging all contradictory oppositions in a fluid and coherent system.
Colour: orange


In order to "see" an inspiration that guides our actions to our goal, we need a welcoming psycho-emotional feel: therefore we have to "silence" the activity of the physical eyes by closing them, to allow the third eye, located right in the middle of the two, to open up and allow us to "see". The song INSPIRATION creates a welcoming emotional feel that is necessary to find those solutions hidden in the emotional night. Like a poet who "sees" the right words, contemplating the dark night. The reference chakra is the sixth (positioned at the height of the third eye), the associated note is E.
Color: indigo

CREATIVITY treatment CREATIVITY treatment

In the air there is information that gives us awareness of ourselves and the world. With the song MEDITATION we tune our emotional state on the frequency of this information to "steal it", allowing us to "medicate" our thoughts. The reference chakra is the seventh (associated note: B), located on the top of the head; it is the chakra closest to the sky, the last border between what is visible and invisible, between what we know and what we don’t know yet. Harmonizing the seventh chakra allows you to reconnect with what is still unknown.
Color: violet

Composed of:

1 Chaise longue complete with eco leather mattress that includes 8 Bass Sonic Shaker transducers

1 Amplifying System for sonic frequencies

1 High Fidelity music player

1 Set of exclusive tracks dedicated for treatments: NO STRESS, RELAX, ENERGICA, BE HAPPY

1 set of headphones over ear

Technical Data:

Tension: 230V (also available at 110V))

Absorption: 480 Watt

Trolley for amplifier (optional)

Mattress in eco leather available in different colors on request

Available Finishing:

RN Natural oak

RW Wengé oak

SB Milky wood

Wooden legs version

Steel legs version

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